Jasmyne Video Portrait

Jasmyne Video Portrait

Halfmoon Bay, CA

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It's astonishing how swiftly time glides by. My daughter, a shining star, has graduated from high school and is now on her journey towards becoming a remarkable schoolteacher. My heart swells with pride for the incredible young lady she's blossomed into.

The location we chose to commemorate this momentous occasion was the breathtaking beaches of Half Moon Bay. For this monumental day, we enlisted the extraordinary talents of Bianca Rhodes from B.Marie Photography to capture her essence through photography. And seizing the opportunity, we embarked on a video session, as I yearned to test the capabilities of my new video camera, the awe-inspiring Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K PRO. This phenomenal piece of equipment, paired with the remarkable SIGMA 18-35mm ART lens, produced visual magic.

With meticulous care, I color-graded the footage using DaVinci Resolve, and I added a touch of sound design to create a symphony of memories. This day was a treat for my daughter, undoubtedly, but it was equally a treat for my soul. For in that moment, I had the privilege to immortalize a chapter of her life that meant the world to her.

As I reflect on this milestone, I eagerly anticipate the chance to capture the many other cherished moments that life has in store for her.

I love you my daughter...DAD

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Jasmyne Video Portrait